Training Sectors

  • Telecom

    In today’s information age, the telecommunication industry has a vital role to play. Considered as the backbone of industrial and economic development, the industry has been aiding delivery of voice and data services at rapidly increasing speeds, and thus, has been revolutionizing human communication. The telecom services have been recognized the world-over as an important tool for socio-economic development for a nation. It is one of the prime support services needed for rapid growth and modernization of various sectors of the economy. The telecom sector is vast and offers a range of career opportunities on both the hardware and software fronts. The telecom sector is going for high scale recruitments. The new projects setting up of new services bases, expansion of coverage areas, network installations, maintenance etc are providing more and more employment opportunities in the telecom sector.

  • Production & Manufacturing

    Along with classes, several instructor-led training titles, we provide an incredibly broad catalog of manufacturing and production training topics. Plus, every online class has been reviewed and validated by industry experts, and every instructor-led class is delivered by experts that have been carefully vetted to ensure training is delivered by the best in industry. We offer the tools and teachable moments to bring measurable results. Whether you need to train production supervisors, machine operators, quality inspectors, material handling workers or assemblers, they will all benefit from Industrial insite's dynamic and effective training resources. The Industrial insite instructors are highly-qualified professionals in specialized fields. Our resources have skills in niche markets, such as energy management, medical product manufacturing, food service, automated processes, high-tech products, safety/OSHA training, quality assurance, and many more. Students take courses in liberal arts, business and manufacturing technologies and techniques specific to the industry.

    Training in Production Sector

    Production line workers are generally trained on the job or through employer-sponsored training programs. These workers may be paired with a more experienced employee or train with other new employers in a group to learn how to safely operate equipment and perform assigned job duties. In these training programs, students learn industry-specific regulations and best practices, such as how to construct and work within an aseptic environment to ensure the production of equipment or other industry related products. The training may include measurement techniques and equipment operation as well as hands-on experience in the field. This Certification of training can help workers demonstrate competency or advance in their position for a job, fulfilling the requirements of an industry.

    Training in Manufacturing Sector

    Manufacturing workers best suited to fill the gap possess technical skills that compliment automation and information technology. Training offers many ways to deepen your understanding of quality principles. Learn how quality can skyrocket organization’s product performance and productivity and cash flow, and reduce costs and lead time—while keeping you focused on your career in manufacturing. There is a lot to learn in any of the eight training topics which our sector offers in Manufacturing. The students can prepare for leadership positions or jobs in the manufacturing sector by studying:

    • Automated manufacturing
    • Engineering economics
    • Mechanics of materials
    • Metallurgy
    • Quality control
  • Construction

    Construction sector needs a lot of worker with many levels such as skilled labor or unskilled labor The development of construction sector grows rapidly as well as triangle connection between cost, quality, and time to improve benefits. It plays an important role in the economy, and the activities of the sector are also vital to the achievement of national socio-economic development goals of providing shelter, infrastructure and employment. The technicians here work in variety of construction environments utilizing skill sets tailored for their specific area of expertise. Most training programs in construction technology allow students to specialize in management, drafting or inspection. Aside from postsecondary education, employers often seek candidates with experience in the construction industry or sector within the desired specialty area. Finding an entry-level position in the construction business would be a good beginning for trainees to a future construction management, surveying and inspection or drafting position.

  • Retail

    Retailing has great impact on economic development of a nation. Retailing has become an intrinsic part of our daily lives. Consumer spending on retail goods drives much of the global economy, and so.
    The objective for retail sector training includes:

    • Identify the features of excellent customer service.
    • Recognize behaviors and actions that irritate or offend customers.
    • Understand how to communicate clearly and respectfully with customers and coworkers alike.
    • Explain different customers behaviors styles and how to adjust to each.
    • Know how to measure customer satisfaction levels and increase them as needed.
    • Understand techniques for dealing with difficult customers.


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