About Training Center

All educational facilities, including training facilities, must have high-quality indoor environments to promote learning as well as productivity. The following strategies support good indoor environmental quality that can positively influence task performance and attention spans:


We have developed class rooms for imparting lectures and blackboard teaching to the candidates. It is well build and furnished with cooling and having all necessary equipment for lectures and presentations.


There is a library room for reference books and for pleasure reading. It is quite and well equipped for photo copy and for other reprographic needs.

Computer Training Rooms

Rooms equipped with computer workstations and Internet access for each student. As without this teaching and delivery of training can no t be completed.


Some physical machines and equipments are installed for demonstration and practical hands on practices. Some media based labs are created to demonstrate the practical aspect of the training.


Large-size rooms designed for lecture-style instruction and training. Auditorium may be equipped with partitions to create smaller training venues. To facilitate circulation and ease of access, locate auditoriums on the first floor of the building near major parking facilities.

Conference Rooms

Multiple purpose medium-size instruction rooms. Depending on the seating configuration, the rooms may accommodate lecture-style instruction or encourage interaction in the form of roundtable discussions and teleconferences. Often two or three conference rooms can be combined to form a larger conference room by opening movable partitions that slide or fold into pockets in the walls.

Seminar Rooms

Multiple-purpose, small-size instruction rooms, usually used to accommodate a small number of people within close proximity.

Audio/Visual-Equipped Rooms

Rooms equipped for audio/visual and Internet-based instruction.


Ashoka Crown, Katchna Road, Shankar Nagar,
Raipur - 492007 (C.G.)